A few times a week, I receive emails from conservative news and commentary outlets asking me to support them as they “take on the culture war.”

This trend is a testament to the influence of Andrew Breitbart on the conservative commentary sphere, who astutely observed that “politics is downstream of…

It Really Doesn’t Exploit Workers

It’s fairly common for those on the left to argue that under a free-market capitalist economy, corporations exploit workers by collecting profit. This is false.

On the contrary, in a system of natural rights where the rule of law is upheld, corporations are a perfectly…

Everyone talks about how bad today’s politicians are. Everyone reminisces about days past when good men held office. Everyone complains that today’s ruling class are corrupt, self interested, and simple to boot.

But who is to blame? The United States is ruled by a representative government. In a very real…

Those that attempt to save the country by “saving the press” are making a grave mistake

I find it fascinating the words politicians use whenever they discuss media outlets. Politicians use terms like “free press” and “objective journalism” to defend institutions that treat them favorably, but then use language like “Fake News” or “hate speech” when referring to those outlets or platforms that are critical or…


I write about current events, politics, and economics from a conservative perspective. I value debate and discussion. Twitter: @M_Quintilian

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